Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Five Smiles for Five Stories

I know I know…it’s been awhile. Sorry.  Lucky for you I have a combination of cute stories for this post!

1.    As some of you may know my family is going through a really crappy time right now, but the positive attitudes that I encounter just kind of make things easier! Several people that I have met or have already known bring up the fact that we are positive and that we just have a good attitude. I mean, I am most always crazy, happy, peppy, positive and I’m one of those people that think that laughter is the best medicine (although sometimes it hurts to laugh if you are the one hurt). Smiling I think helps, too! So being surrounded by a family with a great sense of humor and positive attitudes is just perfect.

haha. I googled "laughter is the best medicine". This was my favorite! I bet you laughed.

2.    I am also the type of person that loves every one and for the most part, sees the positive side of every situation. I don’t really know why, but I do. With that said, I also love food – therefore I love Chikfila! HA! Did you guys know where I was going with that?  I have gay friends. I love them. The end. I don’t need any comments telling me your opinion about Chikfila. Anywho…my sister and I have a tradition to go at least once whenever we are together. It’s just kinda what we do. The last time we were there, wonderful things happened that made my heart all mushy gushy again.


a.     Of course we went at 1:00, which is prime Chikfila lunch time. It was packed. One mother with a newborn in a car seat, and two other children were sitting in the far corner booth. When it was time for her to leave, the aisles and tables next to her were just filled with people that she couldn’t get out. And she certainly couldn’t lift the car seat over people’s heads. One man sitting with his wife came over, took the car seat, and this sweet act allowed her and her children to wiggle through chairs to leave. So sweet.

b.     Across the way, a boy was walking to the table with his grandmother and she told him to pick a seat. Do you know what he said? This…maybe 6 year old kid? “No no…ladies first!” I mean…really? Adorable.

These pictures are just cracking me up. I googled "grandma grandson" How cute is this! I bet the chikfila grandma and grandson have a picture like this.

3. While my sister was visiting, we climbed the lighthouse. As we were up enjoying the view, a touristy family had just reached the top. There was a mom and a dad and I think three kids. One of the kids said “I’m so glad we didn’t go to Universal!” I looked over and the dad was hiding the biggest smile on his face. That is amazing.  


4. My friend Halie is just so wonderful and has been inspiring me in little ways lately. Here's us.

Aren't we cute?

She has made a 25 before 25 list and she needs more views on her blog! Go to it and see her super cute nails, her pictures, her crafts,  her stories, and her goals before she turns 25! GO VISIT HER BLOG HERE!

That's all! I hope you enjoyed these sweet stories!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love in a Pizza Place

Jeannine and I went to go see The Vow yesterday. (Very good. I don't think I realized it was a true story till Jeannine said something when we got there. That fact made it even more amazing. And Channing need for more explanation...GO SEE IT!) We bought our tickets before heading over to the pizza place.

After realizing a slight time confusion, we were happy to see we had more time to enjoy the pizza and that we did not have to rush to make it to the movie on time. We walked over to De Leon Pizza. OH SO GOOD.

I've eaten at this restaurant before and it seriously is so delicious. Everyone has always been super friendly in there but last night was just amazing. In the middle of our meal, a homeless man walked in and sat himself at a table. One man sitting with his family immediately got up to bring him a slice of his pizza. That's not all. Another table bought him a soda. Still...not all. The workers there continued to make him the slices of pizza he was describing. Jeannine and I were there for about an hour and almost that entire time they were serving this man. Incredible. Heart warming. Inspiring. I'm not sure if they new him, if this was a routine or what, but I could not believe the beautiful things that were happening.

At another point in our dinner adventure, three policemen walk in and sit themselves at a table. They begin to enjoy their pizza when a little girl walks up to them and says "excuse me..." and proceeds to salute these brave men. Unbelievable. Was this seriously happening all in one night at the same place?

Now that I think about it, there were three other people at that restaurant affiliated with FSDB besides me and Jeannine, and that makes my heart so happy!

That's all.

I love when I get overwhelmed and mushy gushy when I see the love people share with others.