Saturday, July 16, 2011


Blake Mycoskie is an amazing guy who traveled to Argentina in 2006. He saw that the children and people living there were sadly walking around barefoot. He had a genius idea to create the organization TOMS with one goal in mind. It clearly states on the website, "With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One." Isn't that amazing?
Here's me in my adorable TOMS!

This is my good friend Jeannine's cute feet and her TOMS!

Here's my sweet friend Christina's TOMS!

My wonderful friend Halie and her TOMS flag and shoes!

Just in the pictures that I have provided we have helped six...SIX children in need. WOOHOO! I also know many other people that have them and I just found out that my friend Kaley's sister is wearing them on her wedding day! This makes me so so happy! What a great organization!!

AND NOW! For the NEW one for one! TA-DA!

See that? (No pun intended). One pair of TOMS glasses equals sight for one person. How is this possible? Through medical treatment, prescription glasses, OR sight-saving surgery. Wow Blake. You sure have a big heart.

So my suggestion for you is to go to and browse through the glasses and take a gander at the shoes. They are super cute and the shoe selection is in abundance, fit for every personality type and age. Blake is giving you an opportunity to help someone in need! What are you waiting for?!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

And So It Begins...

I've finally done it! After many months of contemplation, I've done it! Welcome to my blog! The majority of my life is spent at a job where privacy issues are a big deal because I work at a school, so I won't be blogging about life in general. Trust me, I could spend countless hours writing about my adorable little kids, but sorry folks. That's just not going to happen. And let's face it, my life really isn't that exciting. So what's my purpose and aim for this blog? I'm glad you asked.

Purpose (for blog, and in life)
*to spread happiness and good things that are happening all over the world, and in my life
*Get it. Miles of smiles? Genius, I know.

So today's entry will only have two stories. Here goes...

1. I'm going to share something that makes me smile. My amazing family. I have a huge family and the love we have for each other is limitless. On Independence day, I saw one my nieces, the (second to youngest) go up to "GG" (the oldest), climb her wheelchair, just to give her a hug. I wish I took a picture. I can go on and on about my family. They made me who I am today and if you ask me, they did, and are doing, a great job. I can't explain how many stories I've heard and things I've seen about each of my family members going out of their way to help someone. I love it. Here's an adorable picture of my immediate family way back when. Now THIS makes me happy.

2. Now for my own sighting of a selfless act. One of my best friends, Cally and I were grocery shopping in Publix. When we were going down an aisle, we saw an older woman in a motorized scooter who was shopping by herself. She was trying to lean down to pick something off the shelf and after passing her, Cally turned and asked if she needed help. The woman gladly welcomed her offer with a big smile on her face. She may have been dreading this shopping trip or she may have had a horrible day that she was beyond thankful for this little bit of help. On the other hand, maybe not. But Cally did something selfless (which isn't uncommon if you know her), and she put a smile on someone else's face. That's pretty awesome. Here's Cally. Smiling's her favorite.

Okay. This is where I take a bow and congratulate myself on actually starting this thing. Woo! More great stories to come!

*Be The Change You Wish to See in the World* - Gandhi