Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Ducky Ducky Ducky"

My good friend Kathy told me this story that she experienced first hand. I loved it and now I'm sharing.

She was going through the drivethru for some food and she couldn't move very far forward after getting her food because there were a line of cars in front of her. (The exit back on to the road is straight out of the drivethru) so apparently no one was leaving. None of the cars were honking and everyone was being patient as they gawked out the window and got out of their cars to check to see what's going on. What Kathy saw made my heart so happy. An injured and hobbling duck was being escorted across the road by a college-aged man. Without touching the duck, the guy had his hands out and bent low to make sure it wouldn't get even more injured on the trek home, wherever that may be. That must have been the sweetest thing to watch!

Ducky...for visual affects.

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In other news, my friend Kaley bought some TOMS since I posted the blog on the organization. There's a picture on her own blog! (Check it out here: Kaley's Blog!) She is also the one I am quoting in my blog title. So anyway! That makes 7...SEVEN people who my friends and I have helped. YAY! Let me know if you have gotten TOMS shoes OR glasses and I'll share it here!

Do something nice for someone this week!

Well that's all folks!


  1. aww. . . .Disney was such a fun trip! When we live in Florida again can we please go? k love you bye

  2. Also kind of a cool story, I was just in Texas for Brittany's wedding and her sister Amy is a full time missionary in Zambia. She told me that they recently got a shipment of Toms in for the people in Zambia and that made my heart happy :)

  3. Nicole that's so awesome that you actually met someone who has been a part of the receiving of TOMS!